25 Aug, 2013
Dipesh & Neesa's Engagement Ceremony

The Hindu tradition, the engagement ceremony is done a few months before the marriage. This ceremony is a formal announcement of the impending marriage and the start of the planning for the big event. The father of the groom requests the father of the bride for the bride’s hand in marriage with his son. The bride’s father wants to make sure that the groom has no skeletons in his closet. Having confirmed that, the bride’s father also tells the groom’s father to make sure that his daughter is also as good, if not better than the groom! Thus after mutual satisfaction and “Wagdaan”, and a promise for the marriage, the bride’s father tells all that he will plan the ceremony at an appropriate date in the future. The couple exchanges the wedding rings and the ceremony ends with best wishes and blessings from all the attendees. Kayah Photography had the opportunity to capture Dipesh & Neesa's Engagement ceremony.